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Aproximity is a duet which emerges from the theory of Separation and Individuation by psychoanalyst Margaret Mahler, and is in dialogue with motifs from the "Roman Charity" Exemplary. The duet looks at the influences these developmental processes between baby and his mom has on our adult relationships in life. The duet won 3rd prize as well as Audience Award at the Zawirowania choreographic competition, Poland, 2014.

Choreography: Edo Ceder

Performance: Ella Ben-Aharon & Edo Ceder

Music: Noam Helfer, Sam Amidon

Sound Design: Noam Helfer

Costumes: Edo Ceder

Light Design: Netta Koren

Video Footage: Amit Zinman

Technical details:

16 min

2 dancers

Minimal stage size: 8x7 (meters)

No special requirements



Pericardium (the sac that encompasses the heart) stemmed from the need to understand the defense mechanisms that evoke emotional and physical creation of walls - interpersonal, cultural, and national. The piece presents a duet that exists in a modular space, weaved with video art, original music, and audience participation. Pericardium was created as a “Trialogue” - a conversation between architecture, video, and dance - that seeks to investigate the influence of the body on the spatial environment, as well as the influence of the space on the living body. Pericardium premiered in May 2010 at Joyce Soho, NYC, and since then has toured in the U.S., France, and Israel. Pericardium is generously supported by the Ministry of Culture, Naim Studio, and private donors of YelleB Dance Ensemble (NYC).

Choreography & Performance: Ella Ben-Aharon & Edo Ceder

Architectural Concept: Matthias Meumann

Video Art: Adi Shniderman

Original Music: Yoed Nir, Odeya Nini 

Wall Design: Nobuya Yamaguchi

Light Design: Uri Rubinstein 

Producer: Shmuel Shalit

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