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"It's attractive to look at… Their movement is fluid and gestural, full of little convulsive tics, sharp, arrowing legs and an inventive use of floor work… Mr. Ceder and Ms. Ben-Aharon offer committed performances, and often interesting compositional ideas…"

Roslyn Sulcas, "NY Times"

"Very few contemporary dance pieces manage to manifest one declared definition, not to mention two... Ben-Aharon & Ceder succeed in manifesting those in their work..."

Zvi Goren, HaBama

“Penetrating and precise as an arrow that pierces the heart; artistic vision and performance meet in Pericardium to create a dance with the intimacy of chamber music, powerful and profound.”

Ayelet Dekel, MidnightEast

Gorgas, Blogspot/Dance Enthusiast

" is a wonderful revelation that this topic can feel fresh and resonate with new ideas when such masterful hands shape the matter."

"Their movement is hypnotic: a combination of unbridled release and exacting control. The powerful athletics of this partnership are refined by a beautiful intimacy. Each moves with a profound instinct, in constant dialogue with the other's body…"

Stacy Menchel, The Jewish Daily Forward

"Ella Ben-Aharon and Edo Ceder, as YelleB, dance a soft and beautiful duet for Part A: The Meating, a lovely piece... It is a rich piece, soaked in love."

Quinn Batson, Critique, " • The Guide To Alternative New York"

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